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Questions & Answers

Questions for Seller's:
1. How much does ALAS of Texas charge for it's services?
We operate off commission only, which will vary depending on the size of the estate, and amount of work involved. We will provide you with a detailed commission schedule at the time of contract signing.
2. How are your sales conducted and who pays for advertising?
ALAS of Texas pays for all advertising relating to your sale. We advertise on, as well as other industry related sites, in addition to our subscribers eblasts. Each sale will also have print advertising and strategic sign placement beginning the day before the sale.
3. What security measures will be in place for protection?
ALAS of Texas is bonded, and does employ security at sales we deem necessary. We also require alarm monitoring at all sales, so please do not disconnect this service (or any utilities) until we have completed the public sale.
4. How and when will I receive payment from my sale?
ALAS of Texas will supply a detailed inventory log, payout summary, and all receipts from your sale within 7 working days.
5. What do we need to do in order to hire you?
FIRST - DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY! We will ask that you remove any prescription medication, sensitive documents and anything you or your family wish to keep - prior to contacting us.
We will meet at the estate, business or (in some cases) a public area to discuss the details of the contract, and answer any questions.
Once the contract has been signed, NOTHING can be removed from the home or business. We begin photographing immediately to create excitement for our buyers and encourage specific traffic to our sale. The last thing we want is a buyer to be the first person in line for an item that has already been removed.
6. Can we attend the sale, or invite friends/family to view items early?
ALAS of Texas does not permit early buying for anyone - but can arrange for family members to admire the home and contents, one last time prior to the sale.
ALAS of Texas does NOT prohibit family members, friends and loved ones from attending their sale.

ALAS of Texas DOES require that any and all family members, friends and loved ones refrain from ANY type of emotion (no crying, telling stories or interacting with the buyers).

It is important to remember that we are running a business. The vast majority of our buyers are actually working (it's fun to be in the resell business, you get to shop for a living) to find items to fill their shops, booths and online businesses.

Showing any type of emotion, or attempting to interfere with the operation of the sale, will result in the immediate removal of any family member, friend or loved one.    
7. We also need to sell the home and automobiles, can you help us with that?
YES! ALAS of Texas has a Real Estate Agent who will come in after the Estate Sale to begin prepping the home for sale. That's right, you only need to contact one company who can take care of it all! Additionally, ALAS of Texas can sell any automobile during the Estate Sale. ALAS of Texas will also handle all paperwork associated with the sell of any motor vehicle.  
Questions for Buyer's:
1. What can I expect at an Estate Sale by ALAS of Texas?
ALAS of Texas spends a great amount of time staging, cleaning and pricing items in a competitive manor which is beneficial to our client, as well as our buyers! Each buyer has a fair opportunity, and is treated with the highest respect by our Liquidator and our staff.
2. What policies are in place at an Estate Sale by ALAS of Texas?
- We accept Cash and all major Credit Cards.
- Children are welcome, but they break - you buy!
- No large bags or purses - we will have baskets for you to use!
- We do NOT use a sign-up sheet, first come only!
- Packing material and bags will be provided, though limited.
- We cannot assist with moving large items or furniture.
- We collect Sales Tax unless a HARD COPY is provided to us at time of purchase, absolutely no exceptions!
3. Tell me about your discounting policy, we love a good deal!
ALAS of Texas loves our customers and want you to leave with a car load of goodies at a price which is fair to all parties! We have initiatied the following discount policy which is subject to change.
Day 1: All items full-price, we do not negotiate on the first day!
Day 2: All items half-price, unless noted otherwise.
*In the event of a 3-day sale, day 2 will by 25% off all day, with day 3 being 50% off.
* In the event of a 1-day sale, we will be full price all day; with merchandise priced to sell!
4. Do you collect Sales Tax?
Yes, we are a business and must collect applicable sales tax unless a proper (NOT EXPIRED) Sales & Use Tax certificate is presented at the time of purchase. If you are a regular buyer, we will keep a copy of your certificate on file. It is your responsibility to keep your certificate updated with us.
5. How do I join your mailing list, I love your sales?
Simply click our "contact us" link and send a request with your full name and email address, and we will process your request.